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30 X 50 feet House Design at Manas Vihar, Lucknow

Plot Size - 30 X 50 Feet

Built Up Area - 3150 sqft

Project Cost - 1300 rs/sqft


The clients have their roots in Lucknow, wished to redevelop the existing home which is located in a tightly packed vicinity. the challenge for us was to develop a modern essence with the revival of its soul elevation. Our improvements were sensitively influenced through architectural forms and designs. Considering the shoestring budget and the context in mind, the design form gaveled to creating spaces that make the interiors well illuminated and airy to create a comfortable environment.

The house right from the façade till the interiors follows a muted and minimal material palette that syncs with the rhythm of the structure. The choice of materials for the interiors was restricted to neutral tones of white paint and the grey of the exposed concrete expressed on the façade, ceiling and staircase results in a simple façade, compared to the very loud and colorful surroundings.

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