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Interior design reflect the aesthetic sense and life style of a person and has a huge impact in creating the positive environment to live in. It’s an inseparable element of every day chores and hence need to be implemented in the most correct way. Even a single negative space created either by wrong selection of material color, furniture, scale etc. will disturb the user every time they use the space. So interior design deals with a lot of minute details. Someone has said “Detail is a Devil”, but one who can tame it and strive for perfection is a sure winner.

We at greenline provide the best interior solution which suits the client requirement taste and budget. Our interior projects range from traditional as well as modern interior. Not only the designing and consultancy, but we also provide all other aspects of interior design since we also undertake turnkey project and get executed on site. In a turnkey projects we use excellent quality material which are durable. Greenline architects maintain the overall responsibility of all our turnkey projects for 5-10 years (*as per terms and condition). Any complain regarding the interior will be immediately resolved. From the onset till completion we continuously keep involved and connected on site and with the clients so that all the work is executed in the correct manner.



Our interior design projects range from

1- Residential Interior Design

In residential interior design we have completed independent residential units, apartment interiors, luxury villas and affordable houses.


2- Commercial Interior Design

Our commercial interiors projects include retail Stores, shops, clinics & Small to large scale offices. In commercial interiors we provide all services from small to large scale, while designing we give equal importance to client budget and so provide cost optimized solution which can sustain in the long run.

Many times commercial interiors are very complex spaces for which we have special services expertise team for each section of services which help us to resolve all the complex issue regarding the services and provide an efficient solutions.


3- Hotels & Resorts

We also provide theme based interiors which are very often opted by hotels and resorts clients. We have completed 2+ theme based interior in lucknow. We get our theme approved the client and then finalized the design. Our design touch every aspect of interior like false ceiling, hvac, services, flooring , lighting, furniture design etc.


4- Institution

Our institution interior include school couching center and other academic buildings. Since institutional building are more prone to early wear and tear off interior due to the mass and age group involved, we focus to provide more durable permanent material to avoid expensive maintenance.

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