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900 sqft House Design in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Plot Size - 19 X 43 Feet

Built Up Area - 1950 sqft

Project Cost - 1600 rs/sqft


Set in the backdrop of a densely crowded settlement of residential houses, this narrow cube-like house opens up as a voluminous, deep, bright and airy space from within. The site of 19ft x 43 ft is located in Lucknow with adjoining houses sharing common walls between the units. The planning takes a conscious approach to segregate the spaces in zones of public, semi-public and private spaces that give the user a sense of comfort and privacy.  The ground floor forms to be the semi-public space and the first floor is planned as the private space.

The elevation is treated as classical as well as modern influence. The classical one is heavily ornamented with specific elements in roman and greek architecture with balustrades and ms railing whereas the modern style incorporates modern elements. Wide-open windows were introduced. The elevation was finely merged with the green built for a soothing yet remarkable building in the vicinity.

900 Sqft House | Home Design | Exterior Elevation Idea | ID-013
Greenline Architects

900 Sqft House | Home Design | Exterior Elevation Idea | ID-013

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