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11 GRRC Cantt Lucknow, Bar & Billiards Club Interior

Design by Best interior designers in Lucknow See Full Video-Walkthrough below-

11 Grrc cant regiment bar & Billiards Room interior Design concept & Execution on-site is done by the greenline architects & interior Designer in Lucknow.

Located in a region marked by diversity and in constant movement, the bar emerges as an urban breather, for lovers of art, drinks, cuisine, and architecture. Space is shaped and designed with the collective concept, in which different sensory experiences are shared. It's an invitation to pause and reconnect amid the daily routine life.

The main entrance was arranged next door, with a hallway and a different color, emphasizing that the person on entering has the feel of the place. The outside space was well merged with interiors through the large open glass.

A billiard table at the center accompanied by the bar counter at a corner and sitting space beside it. The table is surrounded by the sitting to enjoy the game and have chats over. The back of the bar counter is textured grey with patterns over I, emphasized with the bright color environment.

The Indigenous characterization of using locally sourced Indian Materials was one of the main expressions.  The overlay of Indian Teak wood in contrast with the Dholpur Stone creates a juxtaposition of textures from the ceiling to the walls and floor, visually softening the project as a minimalist and elegant bar. The wooden lattice creates a symphony of dramatic formats of vertical and horizontal arrangements along with the minimal rose gold plated sleek lighting design which has been conceptualized as per the branding module of the different spaces at the site.

Bar & Billiards Room Interior Design by Greenline Architects | ID-009
Greenline Architects

Bar & Billiards Room Interior Design by Greenline Architects | ID-009

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