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House Design in Allahabad, Prayagraj

Plot Size - 30 X 70 Feet

Built Up Area - 4850 sqft

Project Cost - 1850 rs/sqft


The site for this house is embodied among the busy streets of Allahabad, with the backdrop of the urban fabric. A wide area on the ground floor is dedicated to the parking which was the major requirement of the client along with an exquisite interior. The bedrooms, guest room and kitchen are larger than the compared sizes. The great living space includes family gathering space, dining elegant modern staircase block with the relaxing positivity of green. The above floors have semi-covered informal spaces for sittings and gatherings.

The approach towards this modern look is derived to provide the building a divergent look from the surroundings. Large openings are provided to welcome the breeze and sunlight into the building. Vertical and horizontal louvers were introduced along with the glass and ms railings and woodwork beautifies its view. A vertical wooden panel was introduced to create a visual barrier for the bedroom balcony, partially opened. The pergolas offer the informal seatings whereas the sandwich wall beastows the upends of the building.

30 feet Front Home Exterior Elevation Idea | ID-011
Greenline Architects

30 feet Front Home Exterior Elevation Idea | ID-011

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