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Dental clinic's & Shops Interior Designer in Lucknow

Greenline Architects have completed a dental surgery with walls of wooden panels and white-tinted glass. Treatment rooms are lined up along the north side of the building so that they can benefit from even levels of natural light.  This project starts by seeing the clinic as a spatial complex and not as a combination of public and private fragments. In order to do so, we aim that several project and clinical aspects take part in the same spatial experience by organizing the flow of patients and the movement of medical personnel.

The spaces set out an organized exchange of materials, textures, and reflexes that present contiguously different spatial experiences. The wood accommodates the waiting room and the reception. The high-gloss finishes flank the perimeter of the glass made the case on the ceiling and on the floor.

We propose the powerful subtlety of changing the finish into the main figure in the space putting into dialogue the aesthetic area of the waiting room (with a domestic and soft finish) with the movement area of the vitreous perimeter (where the reflex shows the almost infinite in length and height space).

The result remains in the patient’s memory: a great space that represents a great medical team.

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