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Marketing Office Interior at Indira Nagar, Lucknow

Design by Best Interior Designer in Lucknow see the full Video Walkthrough

A marketing office occupies a contemporary extension to a commercial building in Lucknow, which Greenline Architects designed with a monochrome palette and wooden accents. The longitudinal floor was designed to provide private offices, while still bringing in plenty of natural light, with working spaces, a conference room, and basic services. The conference room in front benefits from a visual continuity with cabin, while the lobby and circulation areas are naturally lit through windows.

When it came to choosing fixtures and furnishings, the studio was particularly inspired by the modernist office interiors of 1960s Soviet research institutes, which placed emphasis on functionality and clarity of lines. By the 1960s, Soviet architecture and interiors got rid of unnecessary decoration and turned to the principles of modernism. Simple materials have been used to furnish the interiors.

A welcoming reception was created with a waiting lounge. A gypsum plasterboard ceiling was added on ceilings to hide concrete underneath.  The workspace is arranged around a handful of tall, wooden storage units. Large glazed windows were placed,  bringing ample natural light into the office.

Office Interior Design Concept Video Walk through | ID-017
Greenline Architects

Office Interior Design Concept Video Walk through | ID-017

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