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920 sqft Corner House Design in AliGanj, Lucknow

Plot Size - 27 X 37 Feet

Built Up Area - 2950 sqft

Project Cost - 1550 rs/sqft


The house is set on a small plot of 950sqft having access through two sides. Interpreted in a three-story form, the house is designed for a family who are fond of rich facade with optimum living spaces. The two-sided roads became an interesting point for integrating modern materials which would become the soul of the house.

Designed to cater to a small family, the spatial planning involves living, dining, and bedrooms. the central living area became the core to access all the rooms in the house. This space allows users to break from the regular homely feel and barge into space that encourages impromptu conversations and can be the cozy corners of the house. It is a vertically interpreted three-story building with the staircase treated as the focal element of design.

The project explores the balance between modernity and vernacular. Rich and vivid materials are used for an intricate facade. While bold & balanced pergola on the roof is provided for the balanced structure work.

New House Design by Greenline Architects in Lucknow | ID-018
Greenline Architects

New House Design by Greenline Architects in Lucknow | ID-018

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