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Farm-House at Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

Plot Size - 60 X 80 Feet

Built Up Area - 6000 sqft

Project Cost - 2100 rs/sqft

Designed in Itanagar, the house is a fine class module of Indian architecture with classical ornamentation. The house belongs to a passionate Indian handicrafts dealer who expressed his desire to have a space that becomes an extension of his interest. The overall planning allows several open spaces to ensure visual connectivity and facilitates the inflow of abundant natural light and air in the interiors.  The house responds well with internal connectivity and provides interactive spaces for the family. All the walls are majorly planned in monochrome and splashes of colors have been added with bright colors in artwork and furniture. The staircase forms to be a major element of the elevation and were treated well to make it a distinctive feature.

The elevation is purely driven by the functions of the interiors. A few blocks have been carved out from the elevation to accommodate multiple terraces which in turn enhances the experience in the interiors. The terrace was covered up in a way to create cozy semi-private zones rather than having a direct sight from the view. wooden and metal elements are custom designed to both create privacy needed and also create the play of light and shadow in interiors. Usage of greenery both in interiors as well as exteriors enhances the quality of living and also adds to the minimal palette used throughout.

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