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Marketing Office Interior Design

The clients asked the Greenline Architects to create a space that reflects its core values of communication, connection, honesty, and teamwork. In order to communicate the company's ethos of honesty and connection, we chose to use various translucent materials to create an open-plan layout with partitions and straight corridor that allows for easy circulation and clear sightlines.

A considered curation of textured materiality in the open-plan environment encourages transparency and authenticity, both literal and philosophical, acting as a device to guide a clear path through the space. The white perforated screens throughout the corridors not only afford an abundance of natural light but also reflect the transparency that underpins their values.

The warmer materials are used to highlight breakout areas and to create focal points, such as the hand-stitched tobacco leather wall behind the reception desk and of cabins. A clean, tonal palette of white released with timber forms a backdrop for fixtures and furniture.

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