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Reception Area Interior (Small Office Interior Design Ideas)

Reception is the first impression of a building to the visitor. This space can express the character of the building. Keeping their importance in mind we designed the rich class space with the fine choice of materials.

 All the generous space of reception and waiting opens its views towards an outer square through the great openings that make up the facade.  By adding the warm material, a homely atmosphere is created, welcoming you when you enter the building. Walls were painted bright for refractive larger appearances. The back of the reception is marble work standing vertically.  The cool and clean concrete architecture was preserved and was complemented by the use of pinewood.

Glass plays an important material to provide openness to space. The furniture were modern and classy, in harmony with the walls. Ceilings were designed with perforated gypsum panels. Thie reception, hence, was designed to be flexible and emphasize wellbeing.

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