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3BHK-APARTMENT at Paarth Aadyant, Lucknow

Design by Best interior designers in Lucknow See Full Video-Walkthrough below-

The apartment owner is a family that recently moved to Lucknow. Residence was designed in a way to meet their needs - of a family, that loves to host and entertain guests. The layout was organized in a way that preserves their privacy and autonomy while hosting their friends and family.  The refurbishment is about the creation of a feeling of a home, of belonging within a quiet, light-filled, timeless space rather over design and trends.

While the apartment's oak original floor was restored, the bathrooms enjoy colorful terrazzo floors. The contrast of the natural oak floor and the bright white walls create a soft light, refinement, and elegance. Natural light flows between the rooms bringing a warm sensation. While the two bedrooms are oriented towards the building's inner court, the shared spaces such as the kitchen, living room and drawing-room.

Details such as brushed brass electrical hardware and door handle enrich the tactile experience, affirming the conception of architecture as a whole and coherent project.

Apartment & Home Interior Design Idea - Walkthrough | ID-005
Greenline Architects

Apartment & Home Interior Design Idea - Walkthrough | ID-005

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