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Restaurant Interior at Hazratganj, Lucknow

Design by Best interior designers in Lucknow See Full Video-Walkthrough below-

Plaster surfaces and paved stone floors feature inside this cafe in Lucknow, which we have designed to reflect its local roots with modernity. The client wanted to create a pass by cafe majorly for the fresh generation that was reminiscent of their childhood years spent. A hall to accommodate limited people is staggered wisely for the dining and cooking and preparation area.

Its calming interior is inspired by the suburb's nature reserve and features natural colors and materials such as broken stone flooring, blackwood timber tables and cladding, and muted plaster walls. A series of smaller square tables surround the wall as well as soft banquette seating and window seating. The kitchen, which is open to the cafe, runs along the back of the reception area.

The entrance is fully glazed for the voluminous appearance. The texture and natural materials runs in contrast with the gold metal work over the walls and ceiling. The plaster walls applied by hand vary with the penetrating light throughout the day, offering strong textural movements and then a smooth subtle moodiness in the evening.

Restaurant Interior Design Concept - Greenline Architects in Lucknow | ID-008
Greenline Architects

Restaurant Interior Design Concept - Greenline Architects in Lucknow | ID-008

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