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Luxury Villa Interior at Shivghar Resort, Lucknow

 A double-height space of the floor plan was the only and great quality asset given. House is a contemporary style designed, according to the client's brief, to be true to its use of different raw materials and provides different open spaces for entertainment and comfortable living.  Throughout the design, internal vistas were created to experience the landscaping and external areas to give the house an airy and light feel. The landscaping blesses the house in a harmony of well-being, relaxation, and connection.

This design allows the breeze to flow through, allowing you to spend your days in comfort. In the climatic context of the 21st century, this house attempts to maximize natural light, fresh air, and overall energy efficiency while still incorporating air conditioning systems that can be compartmentalized or contained throughout the interior spaces by an array of sealable doors and windows.  Wood was selected for all detailing and furniture. All lighting was designed to bring warmth.

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