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Service Apartment or Student Housing Interior Design 

Hostel, Students Room Interior Design by Best Interior Designer in Lucknow

Space saving oak furniture and white-washed walls feature in this minimalist apartment in Lucknow is designed by Greenline Architects. Creating the interior, we focused primarily on the organization of space; its ergonomics. Instead of using walls to break up the open-plan space, the architects created defined zones using material finishes and furniture. Wall arts in the apartments are vibrantly created to enhance the creative and learning skills of students.

To make the apartment as efficient as possible, the studio decided to group similar living activities within the same zones and create space-saving furniture that serves a variety of functions. Spaces for activities are also created. We have opted for colorful details to add flair to this apartment. Our design focuses on creating spaces with a contemporary modern feel, yet at the same time are warm and indulging.

The challenge was to create a sense of brilliance and newness in an elegant way. Thus from the choice of materials, colors to furniture and fabrics were cleverly picked up. Decorin living includes geometric pattern walls with hue colors for calming yet energetic feel to space.

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